Proud Wolf’s Woman

Lakota Series

February 2012
Historical Romance

He rescued her from slavery…now he is captive to desire.Lakota, Book 3Stolen from a cruel husband by the savage Kiowa, Julia Wilson’s life has gone from bad to worse. Just when she has reached the end of her endurance, salvation rides into camp. Neeheeowee, a proud Cheyenne brave who once filled her young heart with romantic dreams, has come to save her from everything—except the flames of desire that still burn.Bitter and intent on vengeance against the man who killed his wife and unborn child, Neeheeowee has no room in his heart for love. His captured ponies and treasured robes were supposed to be traded for Kiowa weapons. Instead, to his annoyance, he must trade everything for his old friend’s life.Hard as he tries to hang on to his anger at being set off his mission, he cannot deny he yearns for the woman whose gentle, healing presence reminds him that happiness might exist beyond revenge. Her lips tease him with passion he dare not risk, for those who are long dead still haunt him. To take the love she offers risks his honor—perhaps his very life.
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Excerpt of Proud Wolf’s Woman

What does she do?

Neeheeowee had been following Julia from a discreet distance, 0a intention to plant obstacles in her path, if only to ensure she did not arrive at the white travelers’ camp. But so far, he’d had to do nothing.

He glanced up toward the overcast sky and then back to Julia, a puzzled frown coming over his brow.

If she meant to meet up with the white travelers, she grossly mis-estimated their direction from her. They lay to the south and east. She traveled to the north and west, the direction he wanted her to go. Was she traveling elsewhere than he had originally anticipated, or could she simply not tell direction?

He lifted hie shoulders in pure bafflement. Never had he seen anything like this. Amongst all Indians lay a sense of direction, even with the women; a being able to travel across unknown territory to a preselected spot without the remotest error. It was something no Indian thought extraordinary.

Yet, he saw before him what appeared to be a woman who could not find a camp, which lay no more than the distance of several hills and valleys away. He raised an eyebrow. Was she truly unable to tall direction, or did she have reason to go elsewhere?

He scowled. Even if she traveled the way he had hoped to coax her into, and especially if she had some other destination in mind besides the white man’s camp, she went greatly undersupplied. He made a mental note to teach Julia the basics of survival techniques on the prairie at the first opportunity. Otherwise, he would never be able to trust her out of his sight.

Julia suddenly tumbled into a hole, most likely a rattlesnake hole.

Neeheeowee prepared to shoot out of his cover toward her, but when she picked herself up, no apparent harm coming to her, Neeheeowee held back.

Muttering a quick, “Eaaa,” to himself and then a grunt of disbelief, he set off after her, gazing into the hole she’d fallen into as he passed by it.

That he had to act quickly to send an arrow into the snake that crawled out of the hole did not sit well with him, especially when that snake almost bit him.

He shook his head, hoping against hope that this wasn’t just the beginning of things to come.

Somehow he didn’t think so.