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The Eagle and the Flame

The Eagle and the Flame by Author Karen Kay Trailing a person was a simple task for a scout, yet, still, by the time he had caught up to her, she had wandered into an open clearing, where the silvery luminescence cast by the moon created such a misty and enchanting atmosphere, he would not have been surprised to see little people dancing merrily around her.  But none were there.Read More

Brave Wolf and the Lady

Brave Wolf and the Lady by Author Karen Kay She hobbled a little to try to catch up with him. He turned back toward her, squinting at her. “You…find…leather of shoe?” “I…I did not. I searched for it everywhere. But…” He stepped back toward her, retracing his path. As he came up level with her, he commanded, “You…stay…” “I am no dog, sir, to be told to sit, stay orRead More

The Princess and the Wolf

The Princess and the Wolf by Karen Kay “The housekeeper tells that ’ tis well known the prince would divorce her, were he here,” said the kitchen maid. “Aye, that he would,” replied the housemaid. “And good riddance, says I. It was she that drove him away. That she did.” – Gossip between servants at Prince Alathom’s Castle “Do you wish anything else before we go ashore?” “No, Maria,” answered PrincessRead More

Seneca Surrender

KAREN KAY, Writing as GEN BAILEY Available on Kindle Release date:  October 2018 The sun was a low, pinkish orange orb in the sky, announcing its departure from the day in glorious streaks of multicolored sunlight. Shafts of light, streaming from the clouds, beamed down to the earth, looking as though heaven itself smiled kindly upon the land. And what a magnificent land it was. The birch trees were yellow,Read More

Black Eagle

Copyright © 2015 Karen Kay All rights reserved  Chapter One Albany, New York September 1755 Midnight Gasping, Marisa Jameson awoke suddenly. Sitting up, she coughed, breathing in swiftly and wheezing as she dislodged whatever it was that seemed intent on choking her. With eyes wide, she wondered if it were only this that had disturbed her sleep. Or was it something else? A dream perhaps? She searched her memory. SheRead More

The Last Warrior

Copyright © 2014 Karen Kay All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication Creeping softly across the outer parlor of the Buffalo Bill’s tent, Black Lion didn’t pause until he had at last reached the Japanese constructed room dividers. Squatting down, he peeked around the partition. A woman swayed to the pulsing sound of a music box. Her back was turned toward him, and all he could see wasRead More

Red Hawk’s Woman

Copyright © 2014 Karen Kay All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication An archaeological dig along the Missouri River Wolf Creek, Montana Territory Spring, 1850 Eyes wide open, eight-year-old Effie Wendelyn Rutledge quietly flipped over in her makeshift bed, her attention centered on the two adults who were crowded close together. Their voices were hushed as they spoke, quite difficult to hear because of the fire that crackledRead More

The Spirit of the Wolf

Copyright © 2014 Karen Kay All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication The Minnetaree Village A Permanent Indian Village of mud huts on the Knife River Upper Missouri Territory—in what is today the State of North Dakota Summer 1835 From the corner of his eye Grey Coyote watched the white man sneak a stick into line beside those that were already present, giving the white man eleven sticksRead More

The Angel and the Warrior

Copyright © 2014 Karen Kay All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication Chapter One The Northwestern Plains of North America, 1816 The wet, clinging mists of early morning began to lift from the land, leaving the short, tanned prairie grasses glistening under the sun’s pale dawn rays. Higher up, on the bluffs and mountains overlooking this vast Western panorama, the dawn’s silver haze clung fast to every juttingRead More

Red Hawk’s Woman

There, sitting on a rock at the edge of the pool was the most unusual, but perhaps the most beautiful creature he had ever witnessed. He stared. Was she a vision? She could be, for he was unable to see the girl as well as he might, the ever-present minst that swirled around her made her appear dreamlike. Yet, for some unknown reason, he felt certain she was real. WasRead More