Soaring Eagle’s Embrace

Soaring Eagle’s Embrace

by Karen Kay

Legendary Warriors Series

August, 2017
Historical Romance

Legendary Warriors, Book 4

Written in the stars…

Kali Wallace has no room in her busy life for marriage. Instead, she is following her father into a photography career, striving to capture the beauty of the Wild West and its vanishing Indian cultures before they both disappear forever.

Montana’s Blackfeet country is everything she could have dreamed—and more. At night a handsome man gently invades her sleep. Their nightly encounters become more and more real until one bright morning, she is startled to find everything has changed.

Lawyer by profession, Blackfeet by blood, Clay Soaring Eagle is determined to do everything in his power—legally and spiritually—to save his people’s way of life. He trusts no one of the white race, and hopes that once Kali’s task is done, she will leave and take temptation with her.

The spirits have their own plan. As their passion burns with a brightness that rivals the stars, Clay and Kali are aware that it can never last…unless they find a way to make their two worlds come together as one.

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Excerpt from Soaring Eagle’s Embrace

The Legendary Warriors

She chanced a quick glance at Soaring Eagle, noting that his gaze was trained, not on her, but on some sight which lay farther out into the night.  And he was singing, the melody reminding her of this spacious land, as though the song had captured and put sound to an image of the sun-kissed mountains.  The key was minor, his voice clear and soft, deep and baritone.

“Oooooo.  When you hear my voice on the wind
That is my gentle touch, reaching out to your heart
Oooooo.  When you see the eagle fly,
Know that he brings my love to you.”

Kali’s heart constricted.  Her breath caught, and the beauty of the moment pulled a response from her, bringing tears to her eyes.  He was singing of passion, of love, of things she had once thought to be no more than silly sentimentality.
But it wasn’t so.  These things were real.  Oh, how she would like to rethink her position with this man, to let go of her reserve and let him into her soul.
Was she being foolish?  Indeed, what evidence did she have that she couldn’t trust him?  Were their world really so distant, one to the other?  What would be the worst thing that would happen were she to give-into him?
A wasted career?  Was it really that important?  Somehow, out here under the grand canopy of star, it was hard to imagine that it was so.
He glanced at her, his gaze studiously intent, as though he might have perceived some of what she was thinking.  He said, “I am singing the same song that I sang to you earlier tonight.”
She didn’t know why that statement set off a sweep of emotion within her, but it did.  A tear fell over her cheek and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.  It was as though the beauty of the moment was too much for her.
She didn’t trust herself to speak, and so she turned her head away, murmuring, “I know.”
“Won’t you sing it with me?  For it is our song.”
Our song.  That simple reminder set off a fresh surge of longing.  Kali bit her lip.  How was she supposed to resist him?  How was she supposed to do it when everything within her wanted him, his touch, his love…right now.
His voice came close to her ear when he whispered, “Please, won’t you sing?”
She gulped down the knot in her throat, and said, “I can’t.  As I told you earlier, I don’t have a very pretty voice — not like yours.”
“Don’t say that.  Your voice is beautiful.”
“No, not my speaking voice.  I mean a singing voice.  I–”
“If you can speak, sweet Kali, you can learn to sing.  I could teach you.”
Sweet Kali?  Oh, how she liked that.
“No, no…” she said.  “Some things are best left alone.  Besides, I–I think I’ve forgotten the words.”
“So soon?”
She rolled her head around toward him and glanced up, only to catch his look.  And she gasped.  Raw passion stared back at her from the depths of his gaze.  But it was too quickly gone.
And he was speaking, “Then let me remind you of those words that you might never forget them.”
Forget them?  How could she ever?
“It starts this way,” he continued,

“Oooooo.  When you hear the wolf howl
He brings you my message.
I cry for you.
Oooooo.  When the wind calls your name,
know that I search for you.
And when we find one another,
the earth will be a happy place.
Oooooo.  You are my love.”

Kali listened to the last note.  Not only was there beauty in the song, there was sadness; a sadness that made her long to take him in her arms, to cradle him and nurture him until the melancholy abated.
But she dare not do it — not ever…

Copyright © 2003, 2017 by Karen Kay Elstner