Tour 2005 Across Country

170 bookstores in 30 days

and Scenes from a Pow-wow

Karen Kay & Lois Greiman

hit the road


Here at WalMart
Booksigning in
Amarillo, TX

Lois & I at
Amarillo, TX

Front Row: Left to Right
Yours truly, Lois
& Jodi Thomas
Jodi’s kindness to us
was outstanding.

At WalMart

Here at Natural Food
Store in Oklahoma
with Joseph Benjamin

In Kansas with Ann
at the Bookery

In Wichita, KS
at B. Dalton
with Kelly

At Walden Books in
Wichita, KS
Here with Michelle Allred,
a wonderful bookseller

Still in Kansas
here with Brandi,
another writer

With Pat McDonaldin Wichita, KSPat is also a writer.

With Jeff at
Broders in
Wichita, KS



At Walden Books in
Des Moines, IA
Met wonderful booksellers:
Jennifer Hogge, Annette & Penny


In West Des Moines, IA
Here with fellow writer, Lori

Here at Walden Books
in Des Moines, IA

Here at Hastings Books & Music in
Ames, IA. Here with Michelle.

Wendy & Arlen Lieberman
and Me.

In Minnesota at The Constant Reader

At the Book Reader
in Milwaukee, WI

Here at Walden Books in WI

We were lost in Milwaukee
& ran into the Millers Brewery

Here in Racine, WI with
good friend, Jacque Lynn Meyers.


At Best Sellers Bookstore

in Palos Heights, IL

Here with Annie at

Best Sellers

Let me back up a moment
to Greendale, WI. Here
at Walden Books in
Greendale, WI.

At Walden Books in Greendale, WI — here with Cindi Streicher, a terrific bookseller.

With good friend, Beth Henley.

Continuing again at Best Sellers in Palos Heights, IL

At Palos Heights, IL

Three generations of beautiful women.
Bestseller, Annie is in the middle.

At Palos Heights, IL

Being originally from Illinois, I met up with family. This is nephew Kurt and wife, Angie.

Brother, Jim & Wife, Cindy.

Nephew, Greg and wife, Andrea

With Gloria at Kazoo Books in Kalamazoo, MI

Kazoo Books with Gail & Gloria.

At Kazoo Books

With Donna at Walden Books in Portage, MI


We met lovely & wonderful writer, Dawn Bartley


Wow! What a Booksigning!
Here with Darlene Krogol at Another Look Books


Friend & fan, Patti —
at Another Look Books

At Another Look Books


Paperback Outlet in Warren, MI


More Pictures taken at Another Look Books


Also Paperback Outlet


Lois’s lost shoe
(don’t ask)

What a terrific Booksigning!


Paperback Outlet in Warren, MI

Munchkins Bookstore!

Swanton, OH

With friend & fan, Pam Lawniczak


Ah, New York!

My first time doing booksignings

in New York!

How we loved it!

With Zoraida in Yonkers, NY


In Yonkers, NY


Side Street Books, Inc.


Our last booksigning on the tour with

Diane Sandler


Side Street Books, Inc.


Patchogue, NY

Here with Diane at Side Street Books, Inc.


Ending. As we were in NY, I was able to spend time with my daughter, Trina.


Home at last —
here with Patricia Devereaux Running Crane at a pow-wow
(It’s dark because these were taken at night.)


With friend & fellow author, Glynnis Campbell


Dancing One’s Cares Away

And on this note ends another tour . . .

But stay tuned . . . more is planned in April 2006

with the release of