Stars in the Desert Navajo Reservation

On April 15th, 1999, Actor George Randall (Indian In The Cupboard), actor/screenwriter, Val Gameiro and myself left to go to Tuba City, AZ, the reservation town on the Navajo Rez. Stars In The Desert is sponsored each year by Vanessa Brown, a Tuba City resident, and this activity helps to fund different activities for the children. This particular year we needed to help raise funds for a new community center for the children.

Vanessa Brown

L-R: Navajo sponsor; Native Model, Angie,
George Randall; Karen Kay; Val Gameiro

On the reservation, we were invited to talk to the children, to visit some children in a correctional facility and to visit and come to know and love those residents who sponsored us.


Actor Akimo, Navajo Sponsor, 
Val, George, and Angie

George Randall with children

We played football, went rodeoing, danced, pow-wowed and walked in a parade for the children.

It was a wonderful time filled with laughter and memories that will last me for a long, long time.


Val, George and Kay with children

George Randall and myself