Booktour and Special Friends – July, 2003

What A Year


In Pictures

Starting with the July Book Tour 2003

Above: The Kickoff book signing at the Corvina Bookstore

Bookseller: Jacqui Lovejoy

At the B. Dalton Store in Northridge, CA

Here with Jacqueline “Murphy” Samarin at Barnes & Noble

At the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Bakersfield

Bookseller: Nora McFarland






Here with the love of my Life:

My husband, Paul.















Here with new best friend, stand-up

Comic and Television sit-com writer,

Andrea Abbate.

The real Princess Sierra (from the 2004 book release,




Another love in my life, Sammy

The real Kalifornia Kali, from the 2003 book release,

Soaring Eagle’s Embrace

Beautiful daughter, Trina

Beautiful daughter, Alyssa and her husband, Patrick

With Patricia Devereaux Running Crane at the Southwest Museum in LA

At the Southwest Museum

With Lloyd Devereaux Running Crane at the Southwest Museum

Andrea Abbate and I in the dining area of Celebrity Center International


Hubby and me at Andrea’s New Year’s Party

The love of my life at Andrea’s New Year’s Party

Scenes from the New Year’s Party

And there was much dancing — here with profession dancer, Noel Norris

Twisting the night — and the year away

And so ends another year.

Indeed, the year of 2003 was busy, yes, and in some respects too busy.

However, it was a year filled with new and wonderful friendships, found and forged.

And for this reason, alone, I would say it was a very blessed year.