2007 Celebration Tour with Sarah McKerrigan – Part III

Celebration Tour 2007 (cont.)


Patricia with her brother and his daughter with her daughter. Beautiful.
Toni Running Fisher and her husband, Kevin.
Paul and Kevin taking it easy at St. Mary's lake -- a very, very
beautiful spot.
Toni and I at St. Mary's lake.
A close-up shot of Paul and I at the pow-wow. 
Family -- Paul and his mother.  Paul and I went on to adopt a couple of dogs that had adopted us while we were on the Blackfeet reservation. We and the other Volunteer Ministers named them Yoda and Prancing Wolf.Then it was home for us for a month, then back on the road to Montana to the Crow reservation mid August, where we attended Crow Fair -- one of the biggest Pow-Wow's in Indian Country. It was one of the most beautiful pow-wow's I have attended...more like an encampment, actually. There must have been 500 or more teepees. The encampment was set on the Little Big Horn, where the Cheyenne and the Sioux were originally encamped when Custer decided to storm them. The country was beautiful, enchanting, and we were happy to be able to work again with the Volunteer Ministers. 
Well, so ends another tour season.  But stay tuned -- there just may be another tour on the back burner for next year with a new book, THE LAST WARRIOR, due to be released in March of 2008.  Here's a peek at the cover for the book! Ah-ho!Karen Kay