2007 Celebration Tour with Sarah McKerrigan

Celebration Tour 2007


Picture snapped of Princess Sierra right before we started the tour.
The unusual thing is that we do call her our Princess and do you notice the crown hovering over her?  At first I couldn't figure out what it was, and then my brother-in-law said, "It's a tiara, of course."  It is not a crown that we put there.  Interesting, huh?
Karen Kay & Sarah McKerrigan began their tour in Los Angeles area. Here we are a B. Dalton in Orange County.
At B. Dalton Bookstore in downtown, Los Angeles
At Border's Books in Orange County
Here we are at Barnes & Noble in Bakersfield.
Another picture of us at Barnes & Noble in Bakersfield
Untitled-12Here are Karen & Sarah with the Community Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble/Bakersfield
Untitled-3Kay & Paul in Reno with fan and reviewer, Alma.
Another picture of Kay & hubby, Paul with Alma.

More Pictures of the Tour