2001 Tour… Tour… Tour…

April 2001 and July 2001  

It seems to me as if I have been gone more of this year than I’ve been home.  What a year!  Come share it with me as I relay some of it in pictures.

Here you see Lois Greiman (on the left) with fans at a bookstore called Another Look Book, in Taylor, Michigan.  The owner of this bookstore, Darlene Krogol, treated us like royalty.

After doing a whirlwind tour in Michigan and Chicago, I made my way to the east coast — to New York.  Here with a fan and good friend, July Askinazi.

Since I was in Michigan and Illinois, I dropped down the state of Illinois to visit my sister, Vicki Isley, standing here outside her home in central/southern Illinois.

Here, with friend and fellow author, Shalla, who also hosts a show called BODY BEAUTIFUL, which broadcasts here locally in southern California.  Shalla graciously invited me onto the show and we talked about many things, from books to romance and how to keep romance alive.

Then, after a short retreat in Florida, I rushed off on tour in July to celebrate the release of my eighth book for AVOND/HArperCollinsPublishers, WAR CLOUD’S PASSION.  Here I am with booksellers in a bookstore called Nan’s Pre-Owned Books in Grover Beach, CA.

Here, at a Barnes & Noble booksigning in the mid-regions of California.

As is becoming usual, when I have a July book, my tour includes a visit to the Blackfeet reservation in Browning, MT.  This is the time of year when the Blackfeet come together to celebrate, to play and to share their culture with us.  It is the time of the North American Indian Days Pow-wow.  Here we are at the pow-wow.  In the background is Harold Dusty Bull.

Inside a tepee.  note the buffalo robe on the ground, the willow backrests and the colorful tepee liner.

Inside the tepee.  From left to right:  my husband, Paul; Kinder Hunt, President of the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project; Jeff Butler, Vice President f the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project; Harold Dusty Bull, head of JOM on the reservation.  Notice how tall this tepee is.

Another inside picture, this time with yours truly.

Harold Dusty Bull sponsored a give away.  Here he is with Kinder Hunt, who is receiving a blanket.

Kinder Hunt and I proudly displaying our give-away blankets.

Kinder Hunt and I were formally adopted into the Blackfeet tribe this summer in recognition of our work with them regarding literacy.  Here we are in the naming ceremony which officially adotped us into the tribe.

Just to give you an idea of how tall and big are these tepees.  From left to right: Paul Bailey; Jeff Butler; Kinder Hunt, and myself.


And so ends another year’s touring, which finished up only a month before September 11th, a day which has forever changed all of our lives.  September 11th.  It was a day born of heroes; a day where many answered the call to help and to be helped.  It was a day that made one proud to be able to say, “I am American.”  And so let us make this wish together.  Let us make a decision that because of this event, we, as Americans, will grow big-hearted, better, wiser and more united than ever in our quest for freedom.