In Memory of Nancy…

One of the most talented authors of our times passed away tragically last Saturday, on June 5, 1999.

Nancy Richards-Akers wrote with an intelligence and a passion for life that is rarely captured and put to paper. Her conscientiousness for detail, her love of research and her desire for perfection, lent to her stories a magic rarely surpassed in today’s literature.

Once describing her books as a sort of travel guide to past places and times, she allowed her readers to leave their troubles behind, at least for a little while. 

In real life, Nancy was kind to a fault, willing to give anything she could and generous to practically anyone who asked for help. Beautiful, with curly black hair and a figure that just wouldn’t quit, I will always remember my friend as the sparkling personality she was, a genius who became my mentor.

I will miss your smile, your intelligence, your sense of humor and your outrageous wit.. But most of all, I will miss the warmth of our conversations, our giving to one another and our sharing. And selfishly, I would like you to be here forever. Yet how self-centered I would be to hold you here. My loss may yet in another place and another time, be another’s cause for joy.

Your work is done here. No more deadlines, no more booksignings or tours to worry about. Your children will be well cared for. You are free. Free to go.

You will be missed. You have left a place behind that would be hard for another to fulfill. But wherever you are now, I know that you are all right.

And so, there comes a time when I must bid you farewell. Know as you go that I loved and respected you as did many others who were fortunate enough to know you. 

My wish for you is that you will always remain who you are and true to yourself. 


With love,
Kay Bailey
June 10, 1999